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Switzerland-based ZELLAG Group, long known as ZELL CHEMIE, has been present for more than thirty years in the Central American market.
ZELLAG is a product reference brand in the Plant Health (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers), Animal Health, Public Health and Vector Control sectors. It has branches In Latin America.
Nanjing Qiaosha Chemical Company, established in 2015, is the wholly-owned subsidiary of ZELLAG in China.
With nearly 500 registrations around the world, Zellag ensures an ample supply of its range of products while simultaneously working to register new products to serve the needs of its customers.
ZELLAG is committed to supplying its customers, public institutions, big and small agro-businesses and private homes alike, with integrated field management products that are highly effective, environmentally-friendly and non-toxic for humans.
Quality is one of the basic pillars of the products of the ZELL CHEMIE brand, controlled by strict standards and steps designed by its headquarters in Switzerland. Its products are constantly tested and always show safe and efficient behavior.
Over the years, Zellag has built strong and lasting business relationships with customers and offers a flexible customer service that serves its customers well while always trying to improve its service. 
The company works closely with its dealers to achieve a better brand positioning in the market.



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