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Metahelix is an agricultural biotechnology company focusing on developing traits and technologies for crop protection & improved productivity. Hybrid Seeds and traits are commercialized.  Metahelix also provides customized research to select global Ag-biotech business using its proprietary technologies in crop transformation and functional genomics.   Metahelix is based at Bangalore, India which is home to a growing number of new-age high technology ventures.  Products:  Metahelix is developing transgenic cotton and rice for insect protection using its proprietary gene constructs and transformation protocols.  Bt Cotton: Bollworm and Spodoptera control are critical for ensuring a good commercial crop. Metahelix has developed two versions of Bt cotton.   Bt Rice: Metahelix has developed a Bt Rice hybrid that controls rice Yellow Stem Borer (YSB) using the Bt based Cry1Ac gene. 



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