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MBFi – Microbial Biological Fertilizers International, founded in 2003, is a South African multinational agricultural technology business. We manufacture and supply insecticides, fungicides, rhizobium inoculants, fungal and bacterial plant promoting inoculants, plant hormones, plant performance products, SAR products, amino acid, seaweed based fertilizers, liquid chelated fertilizers, unique seed treatment packs, micro granulated phosphorous fertilizer and adjuvant products. MBFi is a family owned business and prides itself on respect, honour, creative and inspirational people that make MBFi the business it is today.  Working in close relationship with farmers, distributors, researchers, suppliers and staff. We strive to understand all the needs in the agricultural industry. In turn we continue to strengthen our relationships, skills, technology and exceptional product manufacturing, to grow as a business locally and internationally.  As a registered manufacturer and supplier of agricultural products to the South African farming industry, we are committed to supplying the best quality products with professional advice from our diverse pool of staff knowledge and expertise.  MBFi has invested a vast amount of time and resources into our infrastructure. This includes our new world class unit for Bio-Control Fungi’s, new formulation plant for speciality liquid fertilizer, state of the art laboratories which includes the AEC (Agricultural Excellence Centres) and SASI (South African Seed Institute). We are committed to making sure we are technologically driven in product development and that our quality is of the highest standard, to ensure that our growers have the best possible products available to use in their farming business. We are members of both Croplife and Sansor in South Africa



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