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Staphyt Regulatory Affairs Division provides comprehensive technical expertise, multiple language skills and in-depth regulatory knowledge on Plant Protection Products, Fertilisers, Biostimulants, Biocides and REACH, throughout Europe, UK, Brazil/LATAM, Australia/New Zealand and in many other countries.
Our mission is to help our clients to meet all aspects of their chemical and biological regulatory obligations, to achieve authorisation for the production, marketing and sale of their new or existing substances or products in their target countries. We also keep our clients informed about changes in the regulatory landscape as they are emerging.  
We offer complete management of registration projects, from understanding data requirements, generating the data, production of the relevant dossiers and post submission support.  If our clients wish, our Regulatory team can also work in close collaboration with our extensive Staphyt Agrosciences field, laboratory and glasshouse teams, to meet many of the needs, therefore further reducing the number of parties that our clients have to interact with.



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