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Jingbo Agrochemicals Technology Co,Ltd. is a high-tech agricultural enterprise. We devote ourselves in R&D of crop protection products, production of formulations and plant nutritions, packaging and printing, agricultural management and ecological agriculture development. We spare no efforts to be an enterprise that has the most responsible agricultural products and service in China. Our production center is responsible for productions of pesticides, formulations, plant nutritions and various packaging of pesticides. Our formulation factory produces several types such as EC, SC, SL, EW, WP, WDG, SP, etc. Supported by our abundant registration resource, we have got several registrations in other countries and have good cooperation with many customers. We sincerely wish to cooperate with friends all over the world.   



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Dennis Cheng

Dennis Cheng

General Manager
Tel: 0086-543-2511898 13561506581(Mobile)

Amy Lee

Amy Lee

Manager of South-America Dept.
Tel: 0086-543-2872893 0086-18860569590(Mobile)


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