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Eurofins Advinus is a GLP and AAALAC certified company with 30 years of experience in offering services to the Agro Chemical sector geared towards developing registration packages for global regulatory submissions (following USEPA, EEC, SINDAG, OECD and CIPAC guidelines) for insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, industrial chemicals and specialty chemicals. Over 60 Carcinogenicity studies have been successfully submitted to and accepted by global regulatory agencies including the USEPA. Our scientific data are of the highest quality and we have a successful acceptance track record for more than 25000 regulatory studies. Some of our key service offerings include:  Process Chemistry and scale-up; Custom Synthesis, Route Scouting and Identification, supporting data package  Formulation Development ; Formulation recipe for development / Improvement, pilot plant scale up, technology transfer, multi-location storage stability studies  Residue Analytical studies; Phy-chem studies, 5 batch analysis, impurity profiling, method development and validation, Residue and persistence in soil, water & plant; as per GAP, Multi-location field trials  E-Fate and ADME ; Hydrolysis as a function of pH, Aqueous photolysis, Adsorption coefficient by HPLC, Adsorption/ desorption in soil by batch equilibrium, Soil metabolism and mineralization, Radiolabelled studies  Toxicology Studies; Safety evaluation covering a range of toxicological and eco-toxicological studies in compliance with GLP principles as per OECD, US-EPA (OPPTS), EEC guidelines 

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Dr. Vimarsh (Agri.)

Dr. Vimarsh (Agri.)

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