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by Just BARE Chicken

Just BARE Natural Fresh Chicken Thighs | Antibiotic Free | Boneless | Skinless | 1.25 LB

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  • ALL NATURAL: Our fresh, hand-trimmed chicken thighs are minimally processed to ensure quality and sustainability. Quick and ready to cook right out of the package for a healthy family dinner. The thigh is a juicy and flavorful cut that’s great for grilling, sautéing, or baking.
  • NO ADDED HORMONES | NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER | FED A VEGETABLE & GRAIN DIET: Our chickens are raised without antibiotics, fed a vegetable & grain diet, and gluten free with no added hormones or artificial ingredients—ever.
  • 3RD PARTY HUMANE CERTIFIED: Our chickens are raised on family farms and the verified with the humane treatment of farm animals by the third party American Humane Certified Program.
  • SUSTAINABLE FOCUS: The chicken thighs are delivered on fixed-weight trays made of 100% recyclable plastic.
  • DELIVERED FRESH: The raw, fresh chicken is packaged in Amazon’s sustainable, temperature-conscious packaging and delivered to your door with care. Number of thighs varies (5-7).
Freshness Guarantee
We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the freshness and quality of this product, and that it will be delivered to your home within any applicable use by, sell by, best by or expiration dates.